For a certain function and trouble-free job of devices using pressed air, it’s necessary to make sure that the used pressed air is devoid of moisture and other impurities. Different mechanical impurities such as water, oil and dust markably damaging pneumatical devices and controlling elements. One meter cube of raw pressed air contains 200 million impure particles and a big amount of water and oil. You can reach pure pressed air, by his modification and filtration. The stage of wanted purity depends on his usage.

  • filtration of solid particles
  • filtration of oil particles
  • water elimination (dehydration)
  • removing the moisture and condensate from the compressed air

We would like to design and recommend a device for a modification of pressed air directly made-to-measure for your use

A presses air standard based on ISO 8573-1:2010. This standard defines various quality classes of pressed air and prescribes maximal pollution capacity for every class. For applications and flows there are required various purity classes.