The main feature of the MedicAir product line is the emphasis on hygiene, low noise and safety. All compressors of this series are based on oil-free technology and are constructed of materials that can come into contact with food. The wide range of compressors is designed especially for dentists (from one to eight chairs simultaneously) and medical laboratories of various types. The compressors are certified to ISO 8573-1 TRIEDA and are simple to operate and maintain and have a small floor plan to save space in your operation. Compressors eliminate the risk of oil contamination while providing an efficient, reliable and highly economical source of clean air without oil admixtures. Piston compressors for laboratories have been designed to deliver the best performance, trouble-free operation, long service life and, of course, hygienic compressed air for laboratories. Compressors come to attention with innovative design, exceptional technical handling and increased reliability of all components used in air production. The compressors are made of quality components as well as without an acoustic hood, are designed as modular applications that can be equipped with other applications.

Designed and manufactured to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485: 2003 quality management standards, they overcome the requirements of the most demanding standards and regulations, such as:

– Medical Devices Directive MDD 93/42 / EEC
– European health requirements
– EN ISO 7396-1
– ISO 14971
– Technical protocols HTM 02-01 and HTM 2022 for healthcare