High-quality industrial screw compressors are designed for continuous load and for continuous operation with a fully automatic compressor control system depending on the compressed air demand. These are compressors with a single-stage unit of action, lubricated with oil. The oil reservoir is integrated directly into the compressor block. The block provides additional features: coarse oil separation in the cabinet, fine separation, oil filtration, minimum pressure maintenance, including filtration and intake air regulation. They have low running costs and are a guarantee of long-lasting trouble-free work. They are also designed for the most demanding conditions in continuous operations and are becoming a strong support for many important technologies. We also supply all key-compressor stations, including compressed air treatment.

  • premium quality guaranteed by the long-standing tradition of compressor production
  • compressor service guaranteed throughout the SR
  • low service costs
  • long life
  • minimize loss of compressor flow