Spiral compressors are rotary, oil-free compressors designed to deliver perfectly clean, compressed air without any dirt. They are intended primarily for medical, hospital and pharmaceutical applications where the highest demands on compressed air quality are required. These compressors work on the principle of two spirals. One moves while the other is static. By interaction, the air is sucked out of the surrounding environment and pressed continuously. The part is fed into the spiral center where it is cooled. The compression of air from atmospheric pressure to outlet pressure occurs continuously without contact between the moving metal parts. It is provided with a combination of a fixed screw element and a second rotating part. Permanent repetition of the process is to provide air with a continuous flow. The absence of lubricants in the compressor chamber ensures the delivery of unleaded air.

Best features
  • pressure gradient up to 10 bar
  • thanks to the low speed the spiral ensures silent performance
  • minimum floor dimensions and compactness
Best economy
  • the integrated dryer reduces the amount of condensate in the compressed air
  • the latest developed air compressor technology
  • innovation in the field of compressed air tools 

Najlepšia kvalita

  • certifikovaná kvalita vzduchu
  • koróziivzdorné materiály
  • čisté potrubia – žiadne nebezpečie s kontamináciou oleja

Dodávame rôzne prevedenia

  • samostane stojacie skrutkové kompresory
  • samostatne stojacie skrutkové kompresory so sušičkou
  • multi prevedenie alebo aj multi prevedenie so sušičkou