Pneumatic air tools, using pressurized air to transfer or increase work force. Such a tool facilitates common tasks at work. Compressed air tools can achieve higher torques than their equivalents. The flow or airflow associated with air consumption in pneumatic tools is the amount of compressed air that passes through the stretch per time unit. It is expressed in units of l / min, m3.

Prečo používať pneumatické náradie?

  • they have longer longevity
  • more resistant towards dust
  • can be used on dangerous places, where electric tools could cause sparkle
  • the repaires are cheaper than the repaires of electric tools
  • even when in intense use the damage risk is lower
  • work with this tool is much faster
  • do not require electrical revisions
  • application in the automobile industry field or in hobby housework

In our pneumatical tool selection, you can find:

  • chopping hammer
  • impact screwdriver
  • handsaws
  • stapling guns
  • nailers
  • blowguns
  • sandblasts and air impact wrenches