A well-designed network of piping systems also includes the economical use of compressed air. An appropriately over-sized manifold system minimizes pressure loss and leakage. We deliver top-of-the-line piping systems for compressed air distribution and vacuum distribution systems, aluminum alloys that can integrate with all existing systems in the world, regardless of whether they are installed indoors, outdoors or in special areas. They meet demanding requirements even in the most complex installations. The benefits of these systems are long life, easy and fast assembly. AIRCOM distribution systems are variable, can be expanded and combined without welding, bonding and soldering. With AIRCOM, the connection can be disconnected quickly, with only a few hand movements, without damaging the pipe or clutch. This allows you to use all parts repeatedly.

What we offer:

  • system design with maximum efficiency
  • measuring leaks on old pipelines and removing them
  • complete “key” installation