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A well-designed network of piping systems also includes the economical use of compressed air. An appropriately over-sized manifold system minimizes pressure loss and leakage. We deliver top-of-the-line piping systems for compressed air distribution and vacuum distribution systems, aluminum alloys that can integrate with all existing systems in the world, regardless of whether they are installed indoors, outdoors or in special areas. They meet demanding requirements even in the most complex installations. The benefits of these systems are long life, easy and fast assembly. AIRCOM distribution systems are variable, can be expanded and combined without welding, bonding and soldering. With AIRCOM, the connection can be disconnected quickly, with only a few hand movements, without damaging the pipe or clutch. This allows you to use all parts repeatedly.


  • system design with maximum efficiency
  • measuring leaks on old pipelines and removing them
  • complete “key” installation

A great flexibility of the system

Pipeline system Quick Line was designed to give complete distribution of pressed air and other gases and liquids. All the components fulfill european guideline 97/23/EC about pressure devices. The high quality standard allows to provide 10 year warranty on all distribution Aircom system.

Resistant with a low weight

Durable with low weight: High resistant to many aggressive and non-aggressive substances. We supply and use in dimensions: 20 – 25 – 32 – 40 – 50 – 63 – 80 – 110 – 168 mm (6 “) All – aluminum system in a wide range of diameters up to 6” (∅168mm) with calibrated inner surface of the pipe the potential for linear flow of compressed air to the pipeline, allowing for high flow rates and thus to use smaller piping diameters than pipes from other materials.

Air quality and maintenance

Thanks to fully aluminium construction, the pressed air quality maintains constant qualities from the output of the compressor to the final user. Calibrated diameters with highly smooth surface allows optimal air flow. High quality and high resistance of out T-pieces markedly decreases expenses for maintenance and pressure waste.

Modularity and resistance

Our modular and light products Quick Line aluminium pressed-air distribution are an optimal solution for decreasing installation time. Thanks to a careful research and a development of components and materials, our T-parts have a high corrosion, mechanical collision, and temperature swing resistance. Quick Line aluminium is the the most suitable system for pressed-air distribution and liquids under pressure.

Short installation time

An advantage of Quick Line systems is a fast and easy construction with an instant connection of aluminium T-pieces and pipeline. That markedly saves expenses for the installation of pipeline systems.

Quick and easy installation

Quick line polymer is an ideal solution for creating distributional pressed air and pressure liquid systems. A quick installation without the need of high work expenses in comparison to any other material. Quick Line products are an ideal solution for all kinds of pressed air distribution systems, for a quick and easy use and for an instant introduction into service.

Quality and durability

Technopolymer is a special aluminium alloy, that ensures optimal pressed-air-flow conditions in a pipeline, low weight, small pressure waste, corrosion resistance, collision hardness.


Delivery points for pressed air are solved by termination “boxes with quick couplings”. It is possible to install customizable units based on a customer’s specification (pressure regulators, filtres, oiler, mud trap) and their combinations.
The pipe system made of stainless steel and galvanized steel is an alternative to PVC systems.


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